Waiting for Godot

ESTRAGON:(violently). Enough! (Silence.) I suppose I might as well sit down.He looks for a place to sit down, then goes and sits down on the mound.

VLADIMIR:That’s where you were sitting yesterday evening.

ESTRAGON:If I could only sleep.

VLADIMIR:Yesterday you slept.

ESTRAGON:I’ll try.He resumes his foetal posture, his head between his knees.

VLADIMIR:Wait. (He goes over and sits down beside Estragon and begins to sing in a loud voice.)

Bye bye bye bye

Bye bye–

ESTRAGON:(looking up angrily). Not so loud!VLADIMIR:(softly).

Bye bye bye bye
Bye bye bye bye
Bye bye bye bye
Bye bye . . .

Estragon sleeps. Vladimir gets up softly, takes off his coat and lays it across Estragon’s shoulders, then starts walking up and down, swinging his arms to keep himself warm. Estragon wakes with a start, jumps up, casts about wildly. Vladimir runs to him, puts his arms around him.) There . . . there . . . Didi is here . . . don’t be afraid . . .


VLADIMIR:There . . . there . . . it’s all over.

ESTRAGON:I was falling—

VLADIMIR:It’s all over, it’s all over.

ESTRAGON:I was on top of a—

VLADIMIR:Don’t tell me! Come, we’ll walk it off.He takes Estragon by the arm and walks him up and down until Estragon refuses to go any further.

ESTRAGON:That’s enough. I’m tired.

VLADIMIR:You’d rather be stuck there doing nothing?


VLADIMIR:Please yourself.He releases Estragon, picks up his coat and puts it on.

ESTRAGON:Let’s go.

VLADIMIR:We can’t.


VLADIMIR:We’re waiting for Godot.


“Waiting for Godot” by Samual Beckett



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