the poetry rag – its all about us.

I have been interested and obsessed lately with cacti, as many hipsters have been, but I am no hipster. the Poetry Rag is one of those mags that features cacti on the cover of its most recent August issue.

When you click on their “about” page all you see is “its all about us.” This gives me sense of community and the feeling that the editors of the mag are trying to give back to local writers. This mission resonates with me, and the team at Sonder, ’cause we too are trying to be a safe place for our local writers and any other creative artist who needs it.

Plus the work they have published is great. These guys are in Fargo, ND and they have published works from all over: MN, IA, LA, and others. My favorite piece in their most recent issue has got to be “The River” because where I am from we too deal with the good old Mississippi River. Plus they have published someone from the Quad Cities, which is where I reside.

Check out there most recent issue here:

-the team at Sonder


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