Combating “writer’s block”

Technically, writer’s block is a real illness and short term “writer’s block” does not really exist, but here is a list of methods from a variety of sources that I have used along the way.

  1. Write for ten minutes everyday. Don’t miss a day or it will just be harder the next.
  2. Keep a list of words you like. When you can’t think of what to write, use this list of words to jump start writing.
  3. Free-write. Write on paper for five minutes about anything. Do not lift your pen or pencil up, just keep writing. If you have to, write “cats, cats, cats” until you think of something. Write what comes to mind first.
  4. Revise an old piece.
  5. Make a list of your own methods to get unstuck.
  6. Go on a walk or do some mindless task like washing dishes. Write about what you saw, thought, touched, smelled, or heard. Use the stronger bits of language for future pieces.
  7. Write about your day. Pay attention to the five senses. Make sure to include as many details as you can.
  8. Listen to music. Write about how it makes you feel. Lyrics may find their way into your writing and that’s okay. Let the music inspire you.
  9. Write lists. What makes you happy? What is your favorite song? Strong images? favorite places to go? Things you hate? Favorite foods?
  10. Of course, use prompts.
  11. Read about the craft of writing.

-the team at Sonder


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