“The Practice of Creative Writing,” Heather Sellers

Not all recommendations will be other Literary Journals. These suggestions will tend to be things I am currently reading. Right now I am three chapters in this book: The Practice of Creative Writing by Heather Sellers.

This book outlines the simple craft of writing as if the reader were a beginner writer. I believe this book is for writers of all skill levels. It includes tips, practice boxes during the reading, plenty of prompts and exercises, and readings along with the text. The book focuses on the basics of writing as well as five useful strategies that are essential to writing: images, energy, tension, pattern, insight, and revision. Of course there is plenty more to the book than just that, but there is a quick look.

However, I find this book to be problematic in that there are tons of hasty generalizations about the writing process and writers in general that I do not agree with. That being said, the author provides many different views and perspectives on writing that I have not yet explored. Plus, you can never get enough tools in your writing toolbox. Also, prompts.

Buy it here:  https://www.amazon.com/Practice-Creative-Writing-Guide-Students/dp/0312676026 


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